It was our tremendous privilege to recognize RONA BARRETT as our Honored Mother and DAME OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN as our Remembered Mother at our 22nd Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon on May 12, 2023.

It is in the spirit of our remarkable founder, Marian Watts, and the women who came together to form VNA Health 115 years ago, that we honored and remembered these incredible women who have championed the health and well-being of our community.

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We invite you to continue celebrating mothers, caregivers and lifelong friends and to share the heartfelt video (see below) and our online album filled with  memorable photos of the Luncheon.

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Honored Mother

Trailblazer. Media Pioneer. Senior Care Advocate.

Hollywood’s Variety Magazine calls her “the lady who turned entertainment coverage into big biz.” Rona Barrett is a pioneering entertainment reporter, commentator, and producer with a career spanning more than 40 years. Now, as a nonprofit champion for older adults, she is the Founder & CEO of the Rona Barrett Foundation. Since 2000, Rona’s personal mission has been to provide affordable and dignified housing and care for people over 62 years old. Her prototypical Golden Inn & Village, an independent living facility for vulnerable older adults experiencing poverty or with lower incomes, welcomed its first residents in December 2016. In honor of her late father, Harry’s House is under construction, and will serve 60 additional residents with enhanced health services. Rona continues to shine a spotlight on the day-to-day issues confronting all older adults and their loved ones who care for them in her recently published book and podcast, Gray Matters.

“I hope others will take a look at what we’re doing with the Golden Inn & Village. I think the success of our approach could be replicated in communities throughout our beloved nation. The need is vital and it’s everywhere.”

Remembered Mother

Supernatural. International Singer & Actress. Health Advocate.

International superstar with a career spanning over six decades and more than 100 million albums sold, Dame Olivia Newton-John was a British-Australian singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, and activist. Olivia’s 30-year personal journey with cancer led her to announce the creation of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia. It was her dream for us to realize a world beyond cancer, and she honestly believed it could be done. Olivia also established the ONJ Foundation Fund, an independent charity sponsoring global research in plant medicine to find kinder options for treating cancer. Throughout her career, the much-loved star held many humanitarian and environmental causes close to her heart. Her Majesty the Queen named Olivia Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire for her services to music, cancer research, and charity. Olivia’s appeal will forever be timeless—a creative philanthropist adored by family, friends, and fans around the globe.

“The family deeply appreciates the responsive and compassionate care that VNA Health provided for Olivia. The best people, the best care.”   — JOHN EASTERLING



Christine & Reece Duca
The Meyer Simon Women


The Angels
Irma & Morrie Jurkowitz
Christopher J. Toomey


Roberta & Stan Fishman
Nora McNeely-Hurley & Michael Hurley


Vivienne Bellisario
Louise & David Borgatello
Anna & David Grotenhuis
Val & Bob Montgomery
Soledad & Dennis Morelos
Sharol & Wayne Siemens
Anne Towbes


Pamela Dillman Haskell & Chris Haskell
Keiko & Roger Dunham
Jane & Norm Habermann
Jodi Fishman-Osti & Darren Osti
Frank Ching & Charley Kearns
Barbara Kummer


Margaret Wilkinson & Bob Andrews
The Barbakows
Judith & Mario Borgatello
Ann & Ed Brady
Tim & Louise Casey
Heather & Alex Craigie
Jelinda & Barry DeVorzon
Margo Cohen Feinberg & Robert Feinberg
Betty & Stan Hatch
Frances & Ken Jewesson
Lauren Katz
Layla Khashoggi
Patty Marshall
Helen & Ben Phillips
Michael Erickson & Thomas Rollerson
Coriander Stasi & Kieran Shah
Trudy Smith, Inc
Susan Tarlow
Kathy Chung Thrash, MD & Christopher J. Thrash, MD
Betsey von Summer Moller
Katina Zaninovich


Rona Barrett
Jodi Fishman-Osti & Tad Webster



Lillian Carson
John Corbett
Melissa Cure
Bo Derek
Vicki Deaton
Jelinda DeVorzon
Pamela Dillman Haskell
Keiko Dunham
Michael Erickson
Jodi Fishman-Osti
Fannie Flagg
Lynn Gildred
Anna Grotenhuis
Jane Habermann
Betty Hatch
Victoria Hines
Janet Hranicky, PhD, MD
Ruta Lee
Maggie Mabuchi
Lailan McGrath
Diane Meyer Simon
Juliana Minsky
Val Montgomery
Tony Morris
Judy Murphy
Mireille Noone
Janelle Parsons
Jane Seymour
Diana Story
Jennie Strait
Marie Ann Strait
Susan Tarlow
Anne Towbes
Susan Weber
Vicki Wedmore
Judi Weisbart
Margaret Wilkinson



Paul Abramson
John Paul Beltran
John Blankenship
Ginny & Tim Bliss
Mike Bordofsky
David Borgatello
Ed Brady
Robert Brillhart
Steve Brillhart
Vaughn Bunch
John Buster
Steven Buster
Vince Caballero
Richard Caleel
Tim Casey
Brian Cearnal
Stephen Cherner
Greg Cook
Eusebio Cordova, Jr.
Alex Craigie
Blake Crowe
Charles Crowe
Cottage Health
Justin Cure
Thomas Dain
John Daly
Andy Davis
Julian Davis
Bryan De Ponce
Roger Dunham
John Du Bois
Bob Easton
Dennis Forster
Stuart Fuss
William Gallivan, Jr.
Bruce Giffin
James Giles
Christie & John Glanville
Bob Goeller
Dan Greenwald
Norm Habermann
Randy Haden
Karen Handy
Jan Hanrath
Jeff Harding
Pamela Dillman Haskell & Chris Haskell
Michael Hurley
Bob Hill
Bob Hirsch
Phil Hons
Jeff Horn
George Isaac
Jim Jackson
Paul Jaconette
Bruce James
Blake Jones
Fred Kass
Eli Katz, MD
Sam King
Ken Kraus
Bobby Lesser
Neil Levinson
Andre Mabuchi
Jaxson Mabuchi
Mark Mattingly
Sean McGrath
Bob Montgomery
Keith Moore
Peter Moore
David Moorman
JT Moorman
Dennis Morelos
Bob Murphy
Judy Murphy
Peter Noone
Darren Osti
Ben Phillips
Alan Porter
Nicholas Priester
Andy Pulos
Wilson Quarre
Greg Rokos
Tom Sanborn
Richard Sanders
Frank Schipper
Suzi Schomer
Douglas Scott
Nick Sebastian
Kieran Shah
Wayne Siemens
Randy Solakian
Tod Spieker
Ken Thompson
Chris Thrash
David Tisdale
Chris Toomey
Eric Trautwein
Lew Venegas
VNA Health Board
Tad Webster
Derek White
Rhys Williams
Dan Wright
George Writer
Cliff Wyatt
Phil Wyatt
Jeff Yoos



With love and appreciation for the following women as we continue to remember them each year.


2022 Honored Mother

Keiko Dunham

2022 Remembered Mother

Marcella Rinehart Parker


Celebrating all Mothers and Caregivers for the
20th Anniversary of the Mother’s Day Luncheon.



2020 Honored Mother

Sue Birch

2020 Remembered Mother

Adelle Chris Dyer


2019 Honored Mother

Sharol Siemens

2019 Remembered Mother

Rebecca Riskin

2019 Remembered Mother

Marilyn Ramos Benitez

2019 Remembered Mother

Josie Gower

2019 Remembered Mother

Faviola Benitez Calderon

2019 Remembered Mother

Alice Mitchell

2018 Honored Mother

Jelinda DeVorzon

2018 Remembered Mother

Sally Fordyce

2017 Honored Mother

Jane Habermann

2017 Remembered Mother

Leni Fe Bland

2016 Honored Mother

Kate Firestone

2016 Remembered Mother

Debby Davison

2015 Honored Mother

Sally Hall

2015 Remembered Mother

Mercedes Eichholz

2014 Honored Mother

Jill Levinson

2014 Remembered Mother

Barbara Ward Rollerson

2013 Honored Mother

Barbara Ireland

2013 Remembered Mother

Laverne Browning

2012 Honored Mother

Susan Bridges

2012 Remembered Mother

Annie Schipper

2011 Honored Mother

Maryan Schall

2011 Remembered Mother

Connie Toomey

2010 Honored Mother

Regina Venegas

2010 Remembered Mother

No Remembered Mother

2009 Honored Mother

Jorgia Bordofsky

2009 Remembered Mother

Anne MacDougall

2008 Honored Mother

Peggy Borgatello

2008 Remembered Mother

Molly O’Daniel Danielson

2007 Honored Mother

Irma Jurkowitz

2007 Remembered Mother

Georgiana Porter

2006 Honored Mother

Anne Smith Towbes

2006 Remembered Couple

Edna & Harold Zimmer

2005 Honored Mother

Anne Douglas

2005 Remembered Mother

Yetta Rubinstein

2004 Honored Mother

Jane Thomas

2004 Remembered Mother

Patty Whalen

2003 Honored Mother

Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree

2003 Remembered Mother

Jane Crandell

2002 Honored Mother

Dorothy Bacheller

2002 Remembered Mother

Virginia Lee Burton

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For more information about supporting the community care programs of VNA Health or to participate as a sponsor for the Mother’s Day Luncheon, please contact Lailan McGrath at or at (805) 690-6218.