How do I get hospice?

Just ask VNA Health for a free consultation.

Patients have the right to choose hospice care. Obtaining a physician’s order is not necessary when inquiring about hospice care services; and either the patient or family may inquire.

Once you choose to start your hospice care with VNA Health, your admission can be completed within 24 hours. Then you and your family will receive the services of our VNA Health Hospice Care Team including home medical equipment, prescription medication, routine home care, respite care, and bereavement support.

WHY choose VNA Health for hospice care?

  • VNA Health is Hospice Medicare Certified
  • VNA Health is accredited by The Joint Commission in home health and hospice care
  • VNA Health Physicians are Board Certified in Hospice & Palliative Care
  • VNA Health offers all four levels of hospice care (routine, continuous, inpatient, and respite)
  • VNA Health is the leading nonprofit provider of comprehensive in-home healthcare and has been since 1908

For more information, simply call a VNA Health Hospice Care Manager anytime at 805.965.5555.