What VNA Health Patients should know
about the End-of-Life Option Act

VNA Health complies with the California SB-128, the End-of-Life Option Act, and California SB-380, as an “EDUCATE AND SUPPORT” organization.

VNA Health respects and supports the rights of our patients to make decisions about their own care and to choose from all legal options available.

  • VNA Health’s position of “EDUCATE AND SUPPORT” means we will continue to provide our patients with physical, emotional and spiritual care throughout the dying process no matter what options they choose. Patients who request aid-in-dying drugs will be referred to their physicians as is outlined in the End-of-Life Option Act. VNA Health staff cannot obtain or administer aid-in-dying drugs to patients.
  • If you are a patient at our Serenity House, and are considering the option to self-administer aid-in-dying drugs, our professional team of counselors and social workers will meet with you to discuss and explore alternative and safe placement options.

If you have questions about the End-of-Life Option Act and how it interfaces with VNA Health services, please notify your case manager to request a meeting with one of our specially trained social workers to discuss your individual needs.