Samaritan Society

Helping to provide compassionate, quality care to those who need it, regardless of their ability to pay.

The Samaritan Society is comprised of individuals who have generously included VNA Health (formerly known as Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care) in their estate planning. Members of the Samaritan Society play a significant role in sustaining the long-term fiscal viability of VNA Health and its ability to plan for the future.

Becoming a member of the Samaritan Society is quite simple. In fact, you are already a member if you have named VNA Health (or Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care) in your will or trust, established a life income gift, or have otherwise included VNA Health in your estate plans. When you inform us of your gift, we respect your wishes for participation, recognition or anonymity, as you prefer. Any details of your gift that you disclose are held in strictest confidence.

Please contact Foundation Executive Director Rebecca Benard directly at 805-690-6222 or if you have already made a provision for VNA Health in your will or estate plan.



  • The opportunity to make a lasting contribution to VNA Health.
  • Invitation to annual Samaritan Society reception and other selected events.
  • Recognition in VNA Health’s magazine, annual report, website, and other printed materials.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to provide compassionate, quality care to those who need it, regardless of their ability to pay.


Margo & Jeff Barbakow
Carla Berkowitz
Helen J. Brown
Robert Bundy
Charles Clark
Janice & Bob Contons
Jim Cook
Edith (Lou) Dartanner
Margaret J. Dawes
Mrs. Rusty Fairly
Roberta & Stan Fishman
Janice Fitzgibbons
Joy & Stephen Frank
Thomas Goodson
Dr. & Mrs. W.N. Guddal
Jane & Norman Habermann
Darlene & Walter Hansen
Raye Haskell
Shauna & Bob Hirsch
Rose Jaffe
Sharon & Christopher Jones
Joe Jowell
Nancy & Bill Kimsey
Mr. & Mrs. Frank LaSalle
Chris & Mark Levine
Keith Whiting Moore
Marj McKean
Marilynn E. Meyr
Mary Orr
Lucille R. Owens
Marie & Mickey
Plaut Jane Rieffel
Leo Robidoux & Andree Harmer
Maryan S. Schall
Elna Scheinfeld
Kate Schepanovich
Linda Seals
Peter G. Simeth
Patricia O. Snyder
Mr. David Sparer
Juliette Sponsel
Landon Stableford
Violet R. Stegall
Ted & Cynthia Thoreson
Nancy Vaughan
Daniel R. Venzor
Raissa Veronique
Mary J. & Edwin A. Weston
Elizabeth A. Whitney
Sue Williamson

* Disclaimer – The options and definitions provided are general in nature and may not apply to all individuals. Prospective donors are urged to consult their personal tax, financial, and/or legal advisors concerning the specific consequences of making these types of gifts to VNA Health Foundation.

To learn how VNA Health’s programs may help you LIVE WELL or how you can support our mission, please contact Foundation Executive Director Rebecca Benard directly at 805-690-6222 or


Norm and Rose Jaffe have many interests and support a wide variety of nonprofits, from education to opera to healthcare. As a couple with no children, they have put much thought and planning into their estate plans, carefully considering which charities they wish to benefit after they are gone. “When we first learned about VNA Health (formerly Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care), we were most impressed with how it assists in a dignified manner when one is sick or at the end of life.” In 2005, they revised their estate plans to include a provision for 20% of their estate to go to VNA Health. They actively participated as members of the honorary Samaritan Society and continued to learn more about the organization. Recently, they decided to increase their VNA Health bequest to 50%! According to the Jaffes, “VNA Health is a caring service that has touched our hearts-and opened our purse strings — to help sustain this marvelous organization in perpetuity.

– Rose Jaffe



Patrick Ariniello
Jay Beckerman
Michael Bergquist, JD, CFP
Diane Doiron, CLU
Thomas Goodson, CLU, ChFC
Carolyn Howe, EA
Steve Jung
Leticia Martinez
Elna Scheinfeld
Suzi Schomer
Dannell Stuart
Alice Sykes


Board Emeritus member Elna Scheinfeld understood the importance of planned gifts to the VNA Health (formerly Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care), as she actually founded its planned giving program in the early 1990s. But it wasn’t until years later that she discovered the best way to make her own planned gift, when attorney Steve Jung made a presentation to the board on the tax benefits of using an IRA. “I learned that if I left my IRA to my children or grandchildren, they would have to pay federal and state estate taxes over 50% and also income tax, meaning that they would receive only a very small percentage of the assets. Instead, I have now designated VNA Health as the charitable beneficiary, so that 100% of the assets will go to doing good in the community. Changing the designation was easy, and I am glad to be helping ensure VNA Health’s home health and hospice care services for future generations.

– Elna Scheinfeld