Memorial and Honor Gifts

Make a contribution in memory or honor of a loved one.

Join us as we honor and remember the special people in our lives whose spirit lives in all we do! Many of our patient families have asked us how to include information in an obituary that would suggest gifts be made to VNA Health. If you would like to do this, the following is a sample of wording you may want to use:“In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to VNA Health at 509 E. Montecito Street, Suite 200, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 or by visiting their website at”
Serenity House is a beautiful place to honor a loved one’s memory. The Serenity House grounds are welcome to the public for families and loved ones to visit at any time. If you would like to place a leaf plaque in honor or memory of a loved one on the Serenity House Memorial Garden Wall, [as pictured on top of page] or inquire other Serenity House naming opportunities, please contact Brittany Avila Wazny, Donor Engagement & Stewardship Manager, at 805.690.6290 or Leaf plaques begin at a donation of $5,000.
Appreciation Garden

VNA Health is honored to receive contributions in memory or honor of a loved one. Please click here to make a gift and have your loved one’s name placed in our lovely online Appreciation Garden. We will send a card to the family member or friend you designate to let them know of your gift.

Please wander through our garden with names listed alphabetically by first name from top to bottom, left to right. The Blue names are being honored, and the Purple names are being memorialized. Please click here to make a gift and have your loved one’s name placed in the lovely garden. Our garden names are refreshed seasonally.


Eileen Ballentine Johnson
Eileen Johnson

Borgatello Family
Pierina Lowdermilk

Ethel Scar
Dona & George McCauley

Susan Lucas
Glenn Lucas


Amedeo Zandona
Rita Zandona
Andreas Vogel
Michael Vogel
Ardna Pfeiler
Beverly & Jerry Van Wingerden
Arlene Geisenheimer
Beverly Torres
Barbara Benon
Arlene & Lester Schneider
Barry Lunt
Leon Lunt
Ben Del Monte
Patty Zucherman
Bessie Brown
Dempsey Brown
Beverly J. Anderson
David & Easter Moorman
Bruce Collins
Betty Andelman
Candace M. Redmon
Bobby McKinley
Carter Hines
Holly McKenna
Charles Fairbanks
Marie Fairbanks
Cherie Erickson
Karen Kistler
Dale Kern
Stuart Kern
Daniel Francis Higgins
JoAnn & Richard Dovgin
Donna & Kelly Higgins
Rena & David Leake
Rosemary Leake
Susan Sheldon
Denise Chavoya
Mary Harvey
Doris Lillian Taylor
Karen Taylor
Dr. Allan F. Pacela
Ramona Pacela
Dr. Paul Zettas
Sophie Alexander
Marianne & Lawrence Kugler
Kristan Ghisletta
Patricia Zettas
Dr. Robert J. Kuhn
Diane Rosenthal
Eleanor Ann Capes
Valle Verde
Elouise Paez
Tierra De Oro Oarlor No. 304
Esther Reyes
Daniel Reyes
Eugene Holt
Yvonne Holt
Fay Brison
Judy Embrey
Felipe Reyes Betita
Juliet Betita
Gail, Cleo, Berkeley Tyler
Terry Tyler
Georgene Boyd
Barbara Firsick
Angeline Rizzo
Grace May Cota
Ranch Club Mobile Estates
Henri J. Van Hirtum
Tine Van Hirtum
Jacqueling Chiapella
Andrea & Ted Zigman
James Iler
Diana Iler
James R. Smith
Wilhelmine Smith
Jerry Marcove
Suzanne Hull
Jerry Whitefoot
Maryella & John Petrini
Joanne Uhl
Beverly Torres
John Schwarz
Gina & Alex Ziegler
Joyce Renz
Iris & Jack McLean
Keith Hinchcliffe
Judy Hichcliffe
Kermit Allen “Kip” Seefeld Jr.
Marsha & Chris Harley
Kas Seefeld
Larry Chandler
Sharon Chandler
Lucia Malek
Melody Malek
Madonna Mann Wasco
George Wasco
Margaret Thompson
Phyllis Levy & Mort Hausner
Margarete Brown
Dianne & Duncan Payne
Margarete Brown
Dianne & Duncan Payne
Mary Louise Craigie
Heather & Alex Craigie
Mary Marsh
Lois Lutkenhouse
Natalie Uhlman
Mary Mathiasen
Janice & William Zigler
Marlyss Lee
Friends of Marlyss Lee
Maxwell Walker
Margaret & John Templeton
Michiel Hanrath
Jan Hanrath
Mike Lorimer
Ann Lorimer
Millie Dutra
Dan Dutra
Molly Sievers
Anne Curtin
Amahl Drake
Kathryn Sievers
Melanie Jacobs
Nancy Carol Ford
Rosi & Peter Shepard
Patricia Rodriguez
Ed Rodriguez
Paul Krampe
William Sardinha
Peter Murphy
Christopher Toomey
Rafelle A. Glatter
Beverly & Sam Maggio
Thomas Phillips
Stephen Schmidt
The Score Association
Robert Dominguez
Betty Dominguez
Roger Horchow
Donald Munro
Roger Morrison
Joan Morrison
Shirle Martin
Stephanie & Donald Wilson
Sonny Wirsing
William Cushman
Walden A. Cooper
Yvonne Cooper
Wanda Jean Weston
Vivian Wilson
William & Mary Lou Brace
Randee Meehan