Memorial and Honor Gifts

Make a contribution in memory or honor of a loved one.

Join us as we honor and remember the special people in our lives whose spirit lives in all we do! Many of our patient families have asked us how to include information in an obituary that would suggest gifts be made to VNA Health. If you would like to do this, the following is a sample of wording you may want to use:“In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to VNA Health at 509 E. Montecito Street, Suite 200, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 or by visiting their website at”
Serenity House is a beautiful place to honor a loved one’s memory. The Serenity House grounds are welcome to the public for families and loved ones to visit at any time. If you would like to place a leaf plaque in honor or memory of a loved one on the Serenity House Memorial Garden Wall, [as pictured on top of page] or inquire other Serenity House naming opportunities, please contact Rebecca Benard, Foundation Executive Director, at 805.690.6222 or Leaf plaques begin at a donation of $5,000.
Appreciation Garden

VNA Health is honored to receive gifts in honor or memory of a loved one. Please click here to make a gift and have your loved one’s name placed in our beautiful online Appreciation Garden. We will send a card to the family member or friend you designate to let them know of your gift (amount is not included).

Honorees are listed in blue, while those being remembered are listed in purple. The memorialized list begins with names of those remembered at the 2021 Memorial Boat Remembrance Ceremony. Oriented left to right, top to bottom, the first names are listed alphabetically. Every Friday, names are added to the garden and they are refreshed seasonally.


  • Cheryl Donkin
    Jean M. Perrett
  • Dairine Pearson
    Joyce C. McKnight
  • David Moorman
    Lucinda Freeman
  • Gail Beust
    Marilynn L. Sullivan
  • Jane Habermann
    Kay & Wayne Graham
  • Serenity House Volunteers
    Rebecca Benard
  • Susan Clark
  • VNA Health Loan Closet Generosity
    Mary Kimble-Rosenfeld & Melvin Rosenfeld, MD
  • VNA Health Staff
    Kimberly Schizas & Mark Linehan


    • Agnes Gaetana Marquard
      Nora Brady
    • Alice Karleskint
      A.R. Karleskint
    • Annette Fisher
      Annie Sly
      Phyllis & Mavis Hansen
      Ranell Hansen
    • Aurora Espinoza
      Rhea & Barry Sullivan
    • Barbara Tellefson
      Gloria Meldonian
    • Betty Gilmour
      Lorraine S. Hansen
    • Beverly Coates Levin
      Arnold Levin
    • Bill Chatfield
      Patty & Jerry Chatfield
    • Billy Bryan McIntosh
      Loraine McIntosh
    • Blaine E. Taylor, Sr.
      Diana Taylor
    • Bob Kallman
      Carol Kallman
    • Candace M. Redmon
      Robert McKinley
    • Carolyn Kyle
      M.L. Slevin
    • Charlene Shaw
      George F. Shaw
    • Charles Andrew "Andy" Homan
      Gary Villalba
      Lynda Kest
    • Charles E. Stevens
      Stevens and Associates Insurance
    • Charley Cairns
      Dale Van Mill
    • Danny Sutherland
      Henia Szkolnik
      Lesley & Fred Szkolnik
      Toby & Robert Misthal
    • Darrell and Alice Huffman
      Carey & Gary Landrith
    • Denise Eagleton
      Rebecca Benard
    • Diane Ross
      Annie Ross
    • Domenick Pennestri
      Phillip Pennestri
    • Dory Langdon
      Valle Verde Resident Association
    • Dr. Edward Wallace
      Gaetano A. DeMattei, MD
      Valle Verde Resident Association
    • Dr. Robert J. Kuhn
      Diane R. Rosenthal
    • Esther R. Ponce
      Patricia & Michael Halford
    • Forrest J. Carter
      Verna C. Carter
    • Frances Green
    • Frank Williams
      Nancy & George Curry
    • Gail McBride Kenny
      Martha Inman & Douglas Lorch
      Mary Stark
    • Hal Conklin
      Sarah & Fred Kass
    • Harold Shapiro
      Rebecca Benard
    • Hugh Mackay
      Karl Stork
    • Jack Dimock
      Patricia Carver
    • Jadao Suzuki
      Chiyoko Suzuki
    • James S. Ochi
      Chiyoko Suzuki
    • Jessie Salvador
      Carol Humphrey
      Lupe Miranda
      Sally & Jay Donald Smith
    • Jim Julca
      Carolyn & Ernest Siracusa
    • Joan Jacobs
      Shirley Edwards
    • Joan S. Bohn
      Jackie Parker
      Kathryn Utterback
      Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Sullivan
    • John Atkin
      Ann & Lex Mortensen
    • John O. Anderson
      Iris & John McClean
      June M. & Ronald V. Guadagno
    • John P. Jones
      Bryna Bock
      Claudia Rossel
      Draughtsmen AleWorks
      Paulette Greisner
    • John Paul Perez
      Mary Moreno
    • John Ridland
      Muriel Ridland
    • Jon Gathercole
      Claude Raffin
    • Josephine E. Gomes
      Michael & Jill Gomes
    • Julie Lynn Main
      Diane Baskin
    • Kathee Marie Christie
      Nancy Samson
    • Kathleen & Ralph Harms
      Donna & Ernest Salomon
    • Kathleen Bottiani
      Janelle & Chris Clark
    • Kathleen Fox
      Rosemary Bertka
    • Ken A. Macaulay
      Battistone Foundation
      Edna Koek
      Greg Hart, Karen Hilts, Cathy Runser & Carmel Van Brimmer
      James Ciontea
      Lorraine Francis-Profio & Christopher Profio
      Mary Lou & Mike Cavaletto
      Nasif, Hicks, Harris & Co.
    • Ken Colborn
      Pizzinat Family
    • Linda Jean Johnson
      Barbara & Marvin Johnston
    • Linda Martinez
      Anne White
    • Linda Travers
      Pamela & Timothy Kendall
    • Madonna Wasco
      George Wasco
    • Margaret Frederick
      Joyce Frederick-Heart
    • Margie Brown
      Barbara Bennett
    • Maria Gonzalez
      Cecilia Ramirez
      Deanna Lynda Marchiando
      Hollister & Brace
      Rosa & Juan Vazquez
      The Gonzalez Family
    • Marilyn Gevirtz
      Susan Burns
    • Marlyss Lee
      Debbie Grant
    • Mary Sauceda
      Carol Sauceda & James Marcari
    • Matthew Hoyne
      Eugenia Hoyne
    • Mel Kyes
      Ruth Kyes
    • Michiel Hanrath
      The Hanrath Family
    • Mommy
      Karin G. Haeusler
    • Mrs. Hatsue N. Koff
      Michele Chason
    • Our Parents
      Diana & Richard Trautwein
    • Pat and Steve Drobny
      Dana Drobny
    • Pat Bushman
      Frances D. & Francis P. Diani
    • Patricia "Patty" Tompkins
      Sabrina & Darren Garvis
    • Peter Murphy
      Judith V. Murphy
    • Phyllis Petrini
      Maryella & John Petrini
    • Rachel Pace
      Randy & Elise Tripp
    • Ruth Kallman
      Carol Kallman
    • Sharon Currier
      David Gonzales
    • Teresa Jeane Dunnill Boardman
      Elizabeth Ransford
      Catherine Johnson
      Jimmie Johnson
    • Thomas Gallagher
      Paul R. Ryack, M.D.
    • William "Bill" Lewis
      Patricia & Nicholas Barson
      Edna Wright