Memorial and Honor Gifts

Make a contribution in memory or honor of a loved one.

Join us as we honor and remember the special people in our lives whose spirit lives in all we do! Many of our patient families have asked us how to include information in an obituary that would suggest gifts be made to VNA Health. If you would like to do this, the following is a sample of wording you may want to use:“In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to VNA Health at 509 E. Montecito Street, Suite 200, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 or by visiting their website at”
Serenity House is a beautiful place to honor a loved one’s memory. The Serenity House grounds are welcome to the public for families and loved ones to visit at any time. If you would like to place a leaf plaque in honor or memory of a loved one on the Serenity House Memorial Garden Wall, [as pictured on top of page] or inquire other Serenity House naming opportunities, please contact the VNA Health Foundation at 805-690-6290 or at Leaf plaques begin at a donation of $5,000.
Appreciation Garden

VNA Health is honored to receive gifts in honor or memory of a loved one. Please click here to make a gift and have your loved one’s name placed in our beautiful online Appreciation Garden. We will send a card to the family member or friend you designate to let them know of your gift (amount is not included).

Honorees are listed in blue, while those being remembered are listed in purple. Oriented left to right, top to bottom, the first names are listed alphabetically. Every Friday, names are added to the garden and they are refreshed seasonally.


  • Connie Wilson
    Rachel & Eric Trautwein
  • Dairine Pearson, MSW
    Caren Adelman
  • Dorothy Rosenblum
    Linda Davis
  • Julianna Dain
    Thomas Dain
  • Lailan McGrath
    Noah, Lindsey & Adam
    Kirby-Jones Family Foundation
  • Marsha Goldman
    Christine Hecox
  • Molly Triffin Gaines
    Priscilla Gaines
  • Rona Barrett
    Mr. & Mrs. Stan Hatch
  • Susan Parker
    Tamara Jensen


    • Angelina Cordova
      Paul Abramson
      Jeff DeVine
      Joanne Funari & Carlos Plascencia
      Michelle Martinich
    • Ann & Tom Stevenson
      Karen Stevenson
    • Anna Agnoli
      Talevi Properties
    • Annelise Fack
      Annie Andersen
    • Aris Demetris
      Ilene Nagel
    • Barbara Marriott Hamm
      Vanessa Gordon
      Andrew Kroes
      Friends from FSCJ
      Anne & Dick Gould
      Carol Lindberg
      Vanessa Gordon
    • Carolyn Wyatt
      Montecito Bank & Trust
      Nancy & Jeffery Kupperman
      Mr. & Mrs. Geof Wyatt
    • Dal Diebold
      John & Christie Glanville
    • Derik Walton
      Christopher Walton
    • Donna Libby Higgins
      Jo-Ann Shelton
    • Doris I Lindberg
      Kathryn & James Kline
    • Evelyne Houdek
      Linda Whiston
    • George Yackey
      Linda Whiston
    • Georgia Knapp
      Judy & Theodore Villa
    • Gladys Warren
      Warren Family - Robert, Kathy, Scott, Joy, Robert & Jason
    • Hal Christensen
      Heather Smith
    • J W Adkins
      Martha Adkins
    • Jerry Petrini
      Rhea & Barry Sullivan
    • John McIntyre
      Wilson Quarre
    • Julie Lynn Main
      Diane Baskin
    • Kathryn Dean
      Bob Burtness
      Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Conn
      Mary A. & Peter Divincenzo
      Don Enderby
    • Mary M Sauceda
      Carol Sauceda
    • Nancy Southard
      Andrea & Ron Hein
    • Norma Hughes
      Frank & Toni Abatemarco
    • Pat Finn & Pam Stoney
      Joan Cotich
    • Patricia Duncan
      Kendra & Christopher O'Connor
    • Peter Murphy
      Judith V. Murphy
      Pat & Ken Thompson
    • Regina Venegas
      Judith V. Murphy
    • Robin Reese
      Sarah Sevcik
    • Ruth Marie Martinez
      Brian Martinez
    • Sue Gonzalez
      Susan Castillo
    • Tatjanna Patiz
      Valerie & Mark Grivetti