Memorial and Honor Gifts

Make a contribution in memory or honor of a loved one.

Join us as we honor and remember the special people in our lives whose spirit lives in all we do! Many of our patient families have asked us how to include information in an obituary that would suggest gifts be made to VNA Health. If you would like to do this, the following is a sample of wording you may want to use:“In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to VNA Health at 509 E. Montecito Street, Suite 200, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 or by visiting their website at”
Serenity House is a beautiful place to honor a loved one’s memory. The Serenity House grounds are welcome to the public for families and loved ones to visit at any time. If you would like to place a leaf plaque in honor or memory of a loved one on the Serenity House Memorial Garden Wall, [as pictured on top of page] or inquire other Serenity House naming opportunities, please contact Brittany Avila Wazny, Director of Development, at 805.690.6290 or Leaf plaques begin at a donation of $5,000.
Appreciation Garden

VNA Health is honored to receive contributions in memory or honor of a loved one. Please click here to make a gift and have your loved one’s name placed in our lovely online Appreciation Garden. We will send a card to the family member or friend you designate to let them know of your gift.

Please wander through our garden with names listed alphabetically by first name from top to bottom, left to right. The Blue names are being honored, and the Purple names are being memorialized. Please click here to make a gift and have your loved one’s name placed in the lovely garden. Our garden names are refreshed seasonally.


  • Borgatello Family
    Pierina Lowdermilk
  • Brian Smith
    Jonathan Lipsitz
  • Carol Beatrice Decanio
    Ronald Abeles
  • Marisol Rodriguez
    Ashish Bhutani


    • "Missing Man" Vietnam Veteran Prof. James T. Goodrich MD, PHD
      Peggy & Nicholas Dewey
    • Alice B. Sykes
      Alice Sykes & Joseph Lanza
    • Amedeo Zandona
      Rita Zandona
    • Anthony F. Baker
      Janice Baker
    • Arnold & Valeria Dietsch
      Elaine & William Dietsch
    • Barry Lunt
      Leon Lunt
    • Bhrian Resnik
      Philip Hoefer
      Bhrian Resnik
      Herbert Rosenblum
    • Brian Kelley
      Karen & Kevin Cahill
      Georgia Strickland
    • Carter Hines
      Nan & Larry Stone
    • Charlotte Nelson
      Antonette Cordero
    • Constance Burns
      Nancy & Stanley Luis
      Dyanna Gridelich & Alexis Van Natta
    • Diane Ross
      Annie Ross
    • Dominick Pennestri
      Donna Day
    • Dorothea Coryell
      Judith & Lance Boyd
    • Dr. Robert J. Kuhn
      Diane Rosenthal
    • Edo Tonello
      Olga Brunello
      Deanna Morinini & Theresa Morinini
      Gerry Sottak
    • Eleanor Ann Capes
      Valle Verde
    • Elouise Paez
      Tierra De Oro Oarlor No. 304
    • Esther Reyes
      Daniel Reyes
    • Eugene Holt
      Yvonne Holt
    • Fred & Thelma Leopold
      Lori & Danny Leopold
    • Gabrielle Gaffke
      Ursula Bronson
    • Georgene Boyd
      Alice & Grant Smith
    • Helen Dean
      Kathryn & Michael Dean
    • Helen T. Vance
      Mary Chooljian & Robert Vance
    • Jacqueline Chiapella
      Andrea & Ted Zigman
    • James & Aggie Taylor
      Lori & Danny Leopold
    • James Haslem
      Cathy McAvoy
    • Jim Cochran
      Susan Cochran
    • John Lynn
      Constance Frank
    • John Schnittker
      Joan Davidson
      Elizabeth & Joseph Knowles
    • John W. Leopold
      Lori & Danny Leopold
    • Joke & Hans Fabery de Jonge
      Elisabeth Swede
    • Julie Lynn Main
      Diane Baskin
    • Kay Phillips
      Carol Kallman & Don Barthelmess
      Sherry & Peter Churchill
      Patricia Saraca
    • Keith Hinchcliffe
      Judy Hinchcliffe
    • Kenneth Montelle Payne III
      Dale Van Mill
    • Kevin Luba
      Lori & Danny Leopold
    • L. Walter Sumansky
      Lori Takeuchi
    • Lawrence, Theresa & Chris Caccese
      Samuel Caccese
    • Leota Daniel
      Barbara Huemer
    • Lucille Leemhuis
      Nancy Philipson
      Gertrud Straede
    • Lucille Leemuhis
      Juanita Carney
      Karen & Mark Pherson
    • Lyliane Bittner
      Elenora Logan
    • Mamie Robles
      Deanna Marchiando
    • Mandy Dalo
      Nana & Bob Talevi
    • Marlyss Lee
      Debbie Grant
    • Mary Kellogg
      Sherry & Peter Churchill
      Iris & Jack McLean
    • Mike Lorimer
      Ann Lorimer
    • Molly Sievers
      Anne Curtin
      Amahl Drake
      Melanie Jacobs
    • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Holgate
      Patricia & Michael Baker
    • Norman R. Anderson
      Maryella & John Petrini
    • Peter Murphy
      Christopher Toomey
    • Pope Freeman
      Janet Freeman
    • Richard Golden
      Maureen & Paul Fortner
    • Richard Landon "Grandpa"
      Kathi Reamy
    • Robert Miller
      Lois Miller
    • Rosemary Ann Hanley
      Kevin Hanley
    • Stephanie R. Kreter
      Philip Kreter
    • Ted Shrode
      Kenneth Shrode
    • Tillie Simpson-Niehaus
      Lori & Danny Leopold
    • Verna Turner
      Billie & Robert Goudge
    • Virginia Farber
      Mimi Gebert
    • Wanda Joy Weston
      Vivian Wilson
    • William A. Soto
      Lori & Danny Leopold