Memorial and Honor Gifts

Make a contribution in memory or honor of a loved one.

Join us as we honor and remember the special people in our lives whose spirit lives in all we do! Many of our patient families have asked us how to include information in an obituary that would suggest gifts be made to VNA Health. If you would like to do this, the following is a sample of wording you may want to use:“In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to VNA Health at 509 E. Montecito Street, Suite 200, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 or by visiting their website at”
Serenity House is a beautiful place to honor a loved one’s memory. The Serenity House grounds are welcome to the public for families and loved ones to visit at any time. If you would like to place a leaf plaque in honor or memory of a loved one on the Serenity House Memorial Garden Wall, [as pictured on top of page] or inquire other Serenity House naming opportunities, please contact Brittany Avila Wazny, Director of Development, at 805.690.6290 or Leaf plaques begin at a donation of $5,000.
Appreciation Garden

VNA Health is honored to receive contributions in memory or honor of a loved one. Please click here to make a gift and have your loved one’s name placed in our lovely online Appreciation Garden. We will send a card to the family member or friend you designate to let them know of your gift.

Please wander through our garden with names listed alphabetically by first name from top to bottom, left to right. The Blue names are being honored, and the Purple names are being memorialized. Please click here to make a gift and have your loved one’s name placed in the lovely garden. Our garden names are refreshed seasonally.


  • Aaron Zucherman
    Patty Zucherman
  • Chris Toomey
    Dean Pitchford
  • David Moorman
    Helen & John Free
  • Diane Chatwin
    Shelley & Paul Schulte
  • Jane Habermann
    Mr. & Mrs. Mark LaFaille
    Marilyn Lee & Harvey Schneider
  • Jennie and Julie Strait
    Marie Ann Strait
  • Joseph Shaieb
    Laura & Chuck Evans
  • Judy and Wann Rawles
    Rebecca Benard
  • Lailan McGrath
    Sam & Sandra Tyler
  • Linda M. Coen
    Diane Nightingale
  • Mary Allen
    Ethel Larrabee
  • Patricia Niven
    Karen Kistler
  • Stefanie Rashti, NP & Rebecca Bank, RN
    Maria Fazio
  • Sue Birch
    Marilyn Lee & Harvey Schneider
  • Susan Poprock
    Mary A. Divincenzo


    • Alice B. Sykes
      Alice Sykes & Joseph Lanza
    • Allan Bordofsky
      Jorgia Bordofsky
    • Barbara Ward Rollerson
      Thomas Rollerson & Michael Erickson
    • Bernard Fried
      Joan Fried
    • Bessie Brown
      Dempsey Brown
    • Betty Watt
      Woman's Service Club of Goleta
    • Charles Browning
      Lonnie Thorpe
    • Darryl Perlin
      Wayne Kliman
    • Dollie Mattox Kearns
      Frank Ching & Charley Kearns
    • Dr. Francis A. Dutra
      Lissa Dutra
    • Dr. Karin Jamison
      Dr. Sonja Yates & Randy Schenk
    • Eileen Pyne
      Caroline & Donald Russell
    • Ernie Brooks
      Linda Seals
    • Esther Reyes
      Daniel Reyes
    • Evelyne Houdek
      Linda Whiston and family
    • Fidel Moralez, Sr.
      Joanne Johnson
      Rebecca Benard
    • Francis Mueller
      Terri Shamroukh
    • Franklin A Biber
      Patricia Biber
    • G. Anthony "Tony" Edens
      Steve, Sharon, Susan & Sara Norman
      Dolores Cheek
      Tedd Determan
    • Gail McBride Kenny
      Kathryne Walsh
      Kathy & Ed Gutleber
    • Garrett Van Wyk
      Vira & Woody White
      Katherine & Joseph Schneider
      Daniel Cerf
      Nancy & Charles Kriech, Jr
      Carol & Mike Neiggemann
    • Giannino Siben
      Susan Shields
      Olga Brunello & Family
      John Green, Sr & John Green, Jr
    • Helen Nielsen
      Dusty & Conor Keegan
    • Jack Dickinson
      Joanne Johnson
    • Jack Gordan
      Rozann Newman
    • Jack Gordon
      Jamie Edlin
      Karlene Goff
      Madeline & Philip Cooperman
      Linda & Lee Rosenberg
    • Joe Stinner
      Marianne Stinner
    • Jolene Jolliff
      Nancy & Charles Kriech, Jr
    • Kathee Christie
      Elaine Robinson & Tristan Fryer
    • Katherine Lum Ching
      Frank Ching & Charley Kearns
    • Ken A. Macaulay
      Kathryn Courain
      Melissa Hagen
      Linda Dell
      Damitz, Brooks, Nightingale, Turner & Morrisset
    • Kenneth Simon
      Julia & Mark Mendoza
      Allison McEachen
      Michael Bodnar
      Meaghan Faulman
      Thomas Garcia
      Richard Gardner
      Jennifer Mann
      Nathan Bruner
    • Lad Handelman
      Linda Seals
    • Lorraine K. Hoelscher
      Diane M. Wootton
    • Lynn T. Burtness
      Bob Burtness
    • Madonna Wasco
      George Wasco
    • Mamie Lee Robles
      Edward A. Robles
    • Manuel J. Robledo
      Gloria Torres
    • Margaret Erickson
      Thomas Rollerson & Michael Erickson
    • Margaret Skeen
      Lillian & Phil Skeen
    • Margaret Zaninovich
      Paris & Annette Blohm
    • Mary M. Sauceda
      Carol Sauceda
    • Mary T. Gleason
      Barbie Deutsch
    • Mrs. Florence Raymond
      Catherine Rogers & Phillip Butts
    • Patty Whalen
      Janet Whalen Stimson & Brad Stimson
    • Peter Murphy
      Jill & Neil Levinson
    • Richard Whited
      Paula Whited
    • Roberta Coyne
      Nancy & Charles Kriech, Jr
    • Ronald T. Smith
      Mr. & Mrs. James Smith
    • Roy Gaskin
      Steven Krivit
      Frederica Welch
      Marcelene Ide
    • Ruth Marie Martinez
      Brian Martinez
    • Steven Sawicki
    • Tanchis Alcerro
      Peter Anderson
      Valerie Small
    • Theresa Gheno
      Madeline Rogers
    • Ursula Maria Clarke
      Jo-Ann Shelton
    • Walter Harper
      Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Rech
    • Wanlong Chen
      Drs. Michelle Chen & David Liu
    • William McNamara
      Nancy & Charles Kriech, Jr