Marian Watts Society

Sustaining innovation, compassion and care.

Marian Watts Society

Marian Watts was the founder of the Visiting Nurse Association of Santa Barbara, and an innovative leader in healthcare at the turn of the 20th century. She was one of the first to begin an organization that brought healthcare to the patient, regardless of their ability to pay.

The innovation of Visiting Nurse Associations began in the 1880s in New York, where free nursing care was provided to those who could otherwise not afford it. After graduating from the first nursing class at Johns Hopkins University, Marian Watts continued the new trend of bringing care directly to the patient in need and began one of the first VNAs of America in Santa Barbara in 1908. With a small coalition of other women from Santa Barbara and Montecito, VNA of Santa Barbara began going to the home of patients who either physically could not make it to a hospital, or simply could not afford the care they needed. In 1910 Marian purchased the organization’s first building on Haley Street, which still stands today, and even featured a “loan closet” with nursing supplies for caregivers and patients. Marian Watts began the necessary and compassionate care that Santa Barbara needed, and it has been sustained by VNA Health with continuous support from the community.

Marian Watts Society

Members of the Marian Watts Society


Schlinger Chrisman Foundation
Cynthia Hall
The Hanrath Family
Kevin & Marsha Keating Family Foundation
Herbert & Elaine Kendall Charitable Foundation
John C. Mithun Foundation
Ruth & Robert Reingold
Charlotte Richardson
Howard Scar
Deanne Violich
Robert Zukin


Barbara Bennett
Mary Caryn & Christian Felipe
Mrs. Ingrid I. Gabriel
Debra & Daniel Gerber
Allen Gersho
Beverly & Joe Hardin, Jr.
Toni Haselton
Joan & Robert Hollman
Ruth Kyes
Richard Lewis, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Roger Morrison
Pajadoro Family Foundation
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Skinner Family Fund
Vos Family Foundation


Sue & John Burk
Mary Caryn & Chris Felipe
Jan Everote
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J`Nelle Holland
Cynthia D. Howard Family Trust
Penny Jenkins & Gregg D. Hackethal
Elaine Keenan
Kenneth Kraus & Perry Gibson
Don Louie
Val & Bob Montgomery
Barrie Peters
Claude Raffin
Beata & Tim Rose
Joyce Ryan
Santa Barbara Home Improvement Center ACE
David & Carolyn Spainhour
Shaida & Andrew Stuffler
Karen Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Geof Wyatt


Roxana & Fred Anson
Derreck & Emily Barker, on behalf of Robert Wayne Barker
Susan & Don Bennett Family Fund
Jody Berman, Gail Hunt and Doris Wechter
Dr. Lawrence Bines
Samuel B. and Margaret C. Mosher Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Bordofsky
Judith & Mario Borgatello
Sally Anne Boughton
Roberta Bratz
Diana Brelsford
Kay Bruce
Surfing For Life Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Casey
Alexander Chambers
Suzanne Chapman
Julia Clark
Janelle & Chris Clark
Helen M. Couclelis
Heather & Alex Craigie
The Crary Foundation
Edith (Lou) Dartanner
Phyllis de Picciotto & Stanley Roden
Kathryn & Michael Dean
Mark Dirado
Carol Donner
E.L. & Thelma Gaylord Foundation
Selden Edner
Noah Evans, Jr
KEF Fund
Wendy & Maurice Fleming
Connie Frank Foundation
Melissa & Philip Franklin
Jill & Dirk Freeland
Dr. John Gainor
Don Galloway
Lynn Gamble
Manuel L. Garcia
Andrea Garzon
Beth & Dodd Geiger
Rolf Geyling
Margo Handelsman
Celia Hardy
Felicie & Paul Hartloff
Mary Harvey
Victoria & Robert Hazard
Hazel Heath Horton Philanthropic Trust
Marla Mercer & Frederick Herzog
Judy Hinchcliffe
Shauna & Bob Hirsch
Phil Hons
Family of Joan Williams
Brian Johnson
Carol Johnson Verhey
Desmond Jones
Diana Katsenes
Ruth H. Kovacs
Philip Kreter
Alice Sykes & Joseph Lanza
David Larson
Janet & Steven Lew
Drs. Michelle Chen & David Liu
Dolores Lopez
Ann Lorimer
Jane Manasse
Sally & John Mandle
Elizabeth & Peter Mann
Dinah & John Mason
Alixe & Mark Mattingly
Sherry Maudsley
Mimi Maurecher
Kathy & Jim McClure
Stuart K. McDaniel Trustee/Marjorie McDaniel Survivors Trust
Marjorie McKean
Marilynn E. Meyr
Judith Milam
Dorothea E. Mueller & Richard Nakamura
Sandy & David Nordahl
Joanne & Peter M. P. Norris
Jodi Fishman-Osti & Darren Osti
The Overall Family Foundation
Lucille R. Owens
Padajaro Family Foundation
Ann Padden-Rubin
Marcia & Robert Permut
Ann Linnett Pless
Mary & Dan Reeves
Dona & Mike Renkoski
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Donna & Ernest Salomon
Angelo Salvucci
Lynn Sarko & Laurie Ashton
Maryan S. Schall
Robin Shaffer
Jean McKibben Smith
Sarah & Edward Soto
Kay & Frank Stevens
Lynda & Steve Tanner
Cynthia & Ted Thoreson
James Tittle
Melanie & Rene Topalian
Randy & Elise Tripp
Shirley Tucker
Polly Turpin
Turpin Family Charitable Foundation
Dale Van Mill
Diane & Tom Weisenburger
Lynn & Richard Wells
Ann & Ralph Winn
Mona & William Wise
Gina & Alex Ziegler
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Zylstra

Please consider joining in Marian Watt’s legacy to continue innovation and ensure trusted and compassionate care for all.

Please note that Marian Watts Societies benefits have been updated to comply with COVID-19 guidelines.

Access to Trust Circle benefits plus:
• VIP Concierge Hotline for access to VNA Health services

TRUST CIRCLE- $5,000 TO $9,999
Access to Compassion Circle benefits plus
• A private, virtual meeting with VNA Health President/ CEO (please call to set up a convenient time for you)

COMPASSION CIRCLE – $2,500 TO $4,999
Access to Care Circle benefits plus:
• Priority parking & entrance time for 2020 PHorum event at West Winds Drive-In Theatre

CARE CIRCLE – $1,000 TO $2,499
Donors enjoy the following benefits:
• Name listed in Annual Report/online
• Receive seasonal Heart to Heart magazine with latest updates on VNA Health and healthcare
• Priority invitation to VNA Health virtual events

“Thank you to Val & Bob Montgomery for hosting the 2018 Marian Watts Reception at their beautiful home with Montgomery Vineyard wine, and to Blue Blossoms for generously providing the floral arrangements. Click here for photos from the event.”

For more information about joining the society please contact Brittany Avila Wazny at 805.690.6290 or email