Eighteen years ago, Peter Murphy started a tradition out of love for his wife, Judy; and an appreciation for VNA Health, a nonprofit healthcare organization that brings trusted care to patients and their families they need it most.

Both of Judy’s parents received home health and hospice care from VNA Health. Judy was so appreciative of VNA Health that she became a volunteer, eventually joining the Board; and Peter was right there to help.

Known for his ability to connect people, Peter reached out to a group of notable men in the community to get together one night for some camaraderie, food, drinks and some fun while raising funds to support VNA Health.

To date, Men’s Night has raised more than $1 million in support of care for our community.


John Blankenship
Ginny & Tim Bliss
Mike Bordofsky
David Borgatello
Ed Brady
Steve Brillhart
John Buster
Vince Caballero
Richard Caleel
Tim Casey
Brian Cearnal
Stephen Cherner
Eusebio Cordova
Cottage Health
Alex Craigie
Blake Crowe
Charles Crowe
Justin Cure
Thomas Dain
John Daly
Andy Davis
Julian Davis
Bryan De Ponce
Roger Dunham
John Du Bois
Bob Easton
Dennis Forster
Stuart Fuss
William Gallivan
James Giles
John Glanville
Bob Goeller
Dan Greenwald
Norm Habermann
Randy Haden
Jan Hanrath
Jeff Harding
Michael Hurley
Chris Haskell
Bob Hill
Bob Hirsch
Phil Hons
George Isaac
Jim Jackson
Paul Jaconette
Bruce James
Blake Jones
Fred Kass
Eli Katz
Sam King
Ken Kraus
Bobby Lesser
Neil Levinson
Andre Mabuchi
Jaxson Mabuchi
Mark Mattingly
Sean McGrath
Bob Montgomery
Keith Moore
Peter Moore
David Moorman
JT Moorman
Dennis Morelos
Bob Murphy
Judy Murphy
Peter Noone
Darren Osti
Ben Phillips
Alan Porter
Nicholas Priester
Andy Pulos
Wilson Quarre
Greg Rokos
Tom Sanborn
Richard Sanders
Frank Schipper
Douglas Scott
Nick Sebastian
Kieran Shah
Wayne Siemens
Randy Solakian
Chris Thrash
Chris Toomey
Eric Trautwein
Lew Venegas
VNA Health Board
Tad Webster
Derek White
Rhys Williams
Dan Wright
George Writer
Phil Wyatt