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Give Well, Live Well

Celebrating our Honored and Remembered Mothers for the Past, Present and Future


VNA Health was founded more than a century ago by an exceptional woman, Marian Watts, and a group of “public-spirited and far-sighted women”.
Our community has been blessed to have remarkable women and compassionate caregivers who have shaped the legacy of our community’s character, health, and ability to live well.


2002 Honored Mother

Dorothy Bacheller

2002 Remembered Mother

Virginia Lee Burton

2003 Honored Mother

Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree

2003 Remembered Mother

Jane Crandell

2004 Honored Mother

Jane Thomas

2004 Remembered Mother

Patty Whalen

2005 Honored Mother

Anne Douglas

2005 Remembered Mother

Yetta Rubinstein

2006 Honored Mother

Anne Smith Towbes

2006 Remembered Couple

Edna & Harold Zimmer

2007 Honored Mother

Irma Jurkowitz

2007 Remembered Mother

Georgiana Porter

2008 Honored Mother

Peggy Borgatello

2008 Remembered Mother

Molly O’Daniel Danielson

2009 Honored Mother

Jorgia Bordofsky

2009 Remembered Mother

Anne MacDougall

2010 Honored Mother

Regina Venegas

2010 Remembered Mother

No Remembered Mother

2011 Honored Mother

Maryan Schall

2011 Remembered Mother

Connie Toomey

2012 Honored Mother

Susan Bridges

2012 Remembered Mother

Annie Schipper

2013 Honored Mother

Barbara Ireland

2013 Remembered Mother

Laverne Browning

2014 Honored Mother

Jill Levinson

2014 Remembered Mother

Barbara Ward Rollerson

2015 Honored Mother

Sally Hall

2015 Remembered Mother

Mercedes Eichholz

2016 Honored Mother

Kate Firestone

2016 Remembered Mother

Debby Davison

2017 Honored Mother

Jane Habermann

2017 Remembered Mother

Leni Fe Bland

2018 Honored Mother

Jelinda DeVorzon

2018 Remembered Mother

Sally Fordyce

2019 Honored Mother

Sharol Siemens

2019 Remembered Mother

Rebecca Riskin

2019 Remembered Mother

Marilyn Ramos Benitez

2019 Remembered Mother

Josie Gower

2019 Remembered Mother

Faviola Benitez Calderon

2019 Remembered Mother

Alice Mitchell

2020 Honored Mother

Sue Birch

2020 Remembered Mother

Adelle Chris Dyer

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Scenic Photography generously shared by
Sena Woodall, RN, MSN, MBA ~ VNA Health Director of Hospice


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Our goal is to raise $450,000 through our Mother’s Day Luncheon Sponsorships and Gifts
to further support our Give Well, Live Well 2021 Campaign

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Presenting Anniversary Sponsor - $50,000

  • Highlighted as 2021 Presenting Anniversary Sponsor*
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  • Sponsor note placed in patients' rooms at Serenity House.
  • Receive notes from patients and families supported by your sponsorship.

Legacy Sponsor - $25,000

  • Lead Sponsor recognition in all promotions*
  • Full screen television broadcast ad, on social media & website
  • Receive notes from patients and families supported by your sponsorship

Trusted Sponsor - $15,000

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  • Sponsor name printed on Loan Closet service letters

Heart Sponsor - $10,000

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  • ½ screen television broadcast ad, on social media & website
  • Personal notes from patients and families supported by sponsorship

Healing Sponsor - $5,000

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Compassion Sponsor - $2,500

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Tribute Ads - $500

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*Sponsor recognition includes invitation, website, program, and media.
Donations of any kind are greatly appreciated

For questions, please contact Lailan McGrath at,
or 805-690-6218, to reserve a sponsorship.

Give Well, Live Well 2021 Campaign

The goal of the Give Well, Live Well 2021 Campaign is to bring awareness, education, information and financial resources to help VNA Health better care for our community.

For more than 112 years, VNA Health has cared for Santa Barbara County and surrounding communities with comprehensive in-home health and hospice services. Our Give Well, Live Well 2021 Campaign will help us continue our charitable services and community care programs that include the Loan Closet, Serenity House Charity Care, Telehealth Care, Palliative Care, Music Therapy, and Pet Therapy which are solely funded by community financial support. Together, these services and programs help our community live well. Together, we can all live well.

Click on the link below to learn more about the importance of supporting this type of care, and how you can help cover the costs for each of these vital programs in our community.

Give Well, Live Well

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