As snowflakes fell from the top of Mammoth Mountain on a frosty December morning, 5-year-old Sky positioned his skis and launched himself forward down the slope. Like his parents, Sky is an adventurer who enthusiastically learned to ski at an early age. After skiing down the hill, an adult snowboarder unexpectedly crashed into Sky, leaving him unable to get up.

A few hours later in the Emergency Room, an x-ray of Sky’s right leg indicated that he had a spiral fracture in his tibia. Sky needed a cast, and he chose hot pink, which is as vibrant and cheerful as his heart and soul.

Prior to discharging Sky, the doctor explained to Mara that Sky needed to limit weight-bearing activities to his injured leg. He asked Sky’s mom if she could get a pediatric wheelchair or walker, and crutches. Mara replied with a smile, “Why YES I can. We have a Loan Closet at home in Santa Barbara.”

So Mara reached out to her good friend, Easter Moorman, VNA Health’s Director of Marketing to see if the equipment Sky needed was available in the Loan Closet. Before Mara and Sky even made it to the front door of the Loan Closet, David Moorman greeted them with his kindhearted smile and cheerful, contagious laughter.

Answering all of Mara’s questions and playfully fitting Sky for his equipment, David turned what could have been a burdensome visit into an afternoon of fun. In no time, Sky wheeled out of the Loan Closet equipped with crutches, a wheelchair, and a relieved Mom, ready to conquer his next big adventure.

FEB 5, 2022: CLIMBING FIRE CRAGS (Elevation 1,684 feet)

DEC 12, 2021: THANK YOU NOTE FROM SKY (see translation below)

Our goal at the Loan Closet is to provide access to much needed basic medical equipment, so that despite an injury or illness and the ability to pay, people at any age or stage in life can live with health and dignity — safely and independently.

Creating a personalized, informative, and supportive experience for Sky and Mara is just one example of what our Loan Closet team strives to do for everyone they serve.

Staff was exceptional — went above and beyond to accommodate my needs, provided really helpful info about fit/sizing of wheelchair and crutches (much better than my own doctor!), and info on accessibility of various places in Santa Barbara.


It was incredible! David and Megan were so sympathetic and kind. They stayed with me until all devices were explained well, and I was fitted perfectly. It is without a doubt the most helpful resource for our community. No where else can you receive this kindness.


The Loan Closet gave Sky the equipment he needed to sustain his fearless independence. Less than two months later, Mara watched Sky rock climb up the face of Fire Crags off of Painted Cave Road, hundreds of feet above the ground with gritty determination and physical ease.

Medical challenges like Sky’s are not uncommon. With this in mind, the founders of VNA Health established the Loan Closet the day of the organization’s inception. From 1908 to current day 2022, our Loan Closet has provided durable medical equipment to family after family for more than six generations to aid in their recovery, recuperation, and readjustment.

It means the world. So nice to have one thing be simple and readily available when everything else in life is difficult!


This is a lifesaver and inspires me to keep giving back in my community. I know you help so many and it makes the world a better place!


Today, the Loan Closet is still the only community resource in Santa Barbara County offering free loans of basic medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, crutches, knee scooters, walkers, shower seats, and more. Staffed by a warm and welcoming team, this invaluable community resource serves more than 4,000 clients each year.

Completely supported through private donations and contributions, often from people who have benefited from the Loan Closet, VNA Health depends on its friends, family, and neighbors. Please join us today by making a donation to continue the Loan Closet legacy and to ensure it is available to support every generation of the next family in need.

TOGETHER, we can support the gift of independence! Please consider making a donation for the Loan Closet. If you have any questions, please contact our VNA Health Foundation at 805-690-6290 or by email at