VNA Health provides the only Home Telehealth Program in Santa Barbara County.

Telehealth is the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies for patients to remotely transmit their biometric information daily. Combined with this technology, our Telehealth Nurse is available to provide monitoring of patient’s biometric information Monday-Friday from 8 AM–5 PM as well as provide patient education and coaching by phone or through a live, two-way video.

A key goal of our Telehealth Program is the reduction of hospitalization for patients with heart failure and/or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Patients with complications after a cardiac surgery or patients with labile blood pressure may also be enrolled in the program.

Enrollment in the Home Telehealth Program requires an admission to VNA Health Home Health service.

What is in included in the Telehealth Program?

  • Each enrolled patient receives a 4G tablet integrated with wireless devices that measure the patient’s blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation and weight.
  • A welcome packet is provided to the patient containing information about the Home Telehealth Program, an easy-to-read patient handbook focusing on heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and the symptom management tool (STOPLIGHT).
  • Patients can access educational videos which they can watch on their tablet.
  • The physician approves the biometric data parameters used for monitoring vital signs, oxygen saturation and weight.
  • The Telehealth Nurse does a daily check-in to assess the patient’s condition and to provide education with active involvement by the patient and family or caregiver.
  • Care coordination is managed by both the Telehealth Nurse and the patient’s field Case Manager.
  • The Telehealth Nurse responds quickly when vital sign alerts are received.
  • The physician is provided with a weekly hardcopy report of the patient’s vital sign trends.

How does the VNHC Home Telehealth Program benefit the patient?
By participating in the program, patients gain self-management skills to recognize the signs and symptoms of disease exacerbation and know what actions to take. They learn to manage their medications and prescribed diet.

During the “step-down” phase of the program, the patients independently record their vital signs and weight. They call in the results to the Telehealth nurse and use the symptom management tool to communicate their status each day. They are guided to become increasingly independent in managing their disease condition and avoid hospitalization.

For more information about Telehealth Care, call 805.690.6234.